And to answer your question directly, the mindsets of the population within each geographical location you cite are diametrically different, especially towards demands for public goods. Westerners often have, should I say, a docile attitude towards government when things don't go their way. They want so much to believe the good side of things, and so when things do not go well, when things like inequality prevail, still they show enormous restraint and optimism towards their governments and systems of governance.Asians, especially those in the Indo-Arabic sub-continent, are a bit like some countries in Africa, in that they are less willing to tolerate hardship or inequality induced by government incompetence or similar causes.


Hence whether Saudi Arabia can have a western model society or as you put it, go the way of Africa, depends on what the government does, especially now that its oil reserve is still flowing. What measures it takes to consolidate riches being gained from these reserves so that once they run out the country can still maintain its quality of life.


If Saudi Arabia is unable to do that, especially if it so happens that in the post-oil reserve era you mention, the wealth becomes concentrated in the hands of a few, then you can bet on it that chaos would ensue.So it all depends on the government and whether any post oil era visions they have makes accommodations for the rest of the population to be taken care of.1.3K viewsView Upvoters